A Collective Manual-in-progress for Outliving Civilization

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This site is a collection of interviews, analysis, and how-tos about peak oil, climate change, collapse, and related subjects.

I have an exciting new book out, co-authored with Derrick Jensen. It's called What We Leave Behind, and you can read more about it.

I keep getting emails to ask about further content here, but most of my time now goes to local action, like social justice and food relocalization projects, or to other writing. I'm working on a new book about resistance strategy with Derrick Jensen and Lierre Keith, author of the amazing new book The Vegetarian Myth. I also do a number conferences each year, including the Deep Green Resistance conferences.

The bulk of the content on this site is offered for archival purposes with no significant changes or updates planned for the forseeable future. A few older pages would benefit from clarification, amendment, or expansion I wish I had time for, but there still seems to be interest in them as-is. Some of the most popular pages on the site are linked to below. You can also buy the book that emerged from this site, Peak Oil Survival. You can go directly to the old index page if you like. Thanks! — Aric McBay, April 2009. Contact.

Popular Stuff


Lierre Keith on fighting back, patriarchy, fomenting revolution, taking down civilization, and (of course) collapse.

Megan Quinn on Peak Oil and preparation, and on community reponses to Peak Oil in Cuba.

Chellis Glendinning on land-based cultures and the psychology of collapse.

George Draffan on mass media, control, and technology.

Matt Savinar on the end of the oil age, collapse, renewables, and the mythology of the future.

Richard Heinberg on industrial collapse and related thoughts.

How-To Pages

Practical Q&A Series was a 9 issue set of questions and answers driven by readers from toothpaste to birth control to folding kayaks.

Other how-tos include some DIY recycling such as how to make plastic grocery bags durable plastic sheets and, for gardeners, four uses for yogurt containers when starting seeds.


My favourite reviews were Derrick Jensen's incredibly important book Endgame (reviewed way back before we were co-authors) and this neat Pocket Chainsaw.

Peak Oil Survival

A collection of tools and techniques originally posted here, published as a book in 2006. Read more about it.